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How Old Are The Magazines?
The magazines are generally one issue behind those on current magazines-stands.

How Often Are The Magazines Delivered?
Monaisa and Markets delivers the magazines every month. However you can elect to have the magazines delivered to you each month, every second or third month and even a one-off delivery as required.

What If I Want To Change The Frequency Of Deliveries?
You can change your frequency of delivery at any time , just let us know. You will receive the same number of magazines delivered, but over a longer or shorter period of time as the case may be.

Why Isnt Every Tittle Available Everything Month?
Some titles are only published every second, third, fourth or sixth month, or a publication is simply not available yet to be included. In this situation we rotate the selection to be as fair as possible to everyone.
If you would like to know the availability of any titles, please contact us and we can let you know what the supply is likely to be.

What If The Tittle I Selected Is Not Available?
We do request that 3 replcement magazines be chosen (by underlining them) when ordering magazines from us. One of the 3 substitute magazines chosen by you will be used as a substitute. If 3 substitute are not chosen, then a similar available magazine will be used as a substitue. You will not receive a car magazine in place of women's fashion magazine.

What If I Want To Change My Selection Of Tittles?
Simply update your subscription order form.

How Many Magazines Do You Receive In A Pack?
In general 15, 20 0r 30 as per your order. A pack with less or more magazines can be arranged just let us know your particular requirements.

How Long Does It Take To Start?
The magazines are generally delivered monthly at the end of each month.

Why Did I Reveive More Magazines Than I Ordered?
Magazine packs can include more magazines. This is however done at our discretion and at no extra charge to you.

What Do I Do With The Old Magazines When I Receive New Ones?
They are your property, but there are a few options; you can donate them to a local school, old age home, or local charities, or if they are tired/torn, we will gladly collect them on your next delivery